Motherhood is the hardest thing you will ever love.

The fourth trimester is a time for deep rest, healing and connection. It is a sacred time that should be honoured and taken seriously, as the first forty days postpartum can affect the health of the Mama and family for the next forty years.

Over time, a slow and meaningful postpartum has become a forgotten practice due to the pressure and expectations of society. Sadly leading to depletion, depression, burnout and disconnect. 

It is my intention and passion to instill a sacred postpartum as a standard in our community. Through helping families intentionally plan this time, set boundaries and seek help, support and nourishment. 

I offer a range of postpartum packages which can be completely tailored to your family.

I would love to connect to disucss your needs and dream postpartum time.

- Jenise xx

Connect With Jenise

Postpartum offerings.

  • Bespoke Postpartum Hamper

    A bespoke pamper package designed to suit your postpartum needs. From nourishing warm teas to one-handed nutrient-rich snacks and postpartum herb blends for healing. Booby-boosting cookies and frozen padsicles to soothe post-birth.

  • In Person Support

    We'll meet before your guess date to get to know each other and discuss what will benefit you the most. Wholistic healing modalities carefully selected from tradional cultures. Paired with in-home support to help with house duties, running warm baths and changing sheets, minding bub for you to rest or even dog walking. My gift to you, 4 meals to aid digestion post-birth and nourishing snacks and treats.

  • Virtual Package

    A bespoke postpartum hamper delivered to your door, along with 2 nourishing meals and an online zoom birth debrief.

    *Delivery to South West/Perth WA. Bespoke packages available for families further afield.

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