Hello, I'm Jenise.

A pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula and pre and post-natal yoga instructor, mama to two barnacle babies and one fur baby. When I'm not with my own bubs, supporting a mum or in a yoga sesh you can find me with a warm chai latte, always looking for the next sweet snack, or with salt in my hair and sand on my feet down by the seaside.

I also love going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves. 

My partner and I met in Canada and spent the next 10 years galavanting the world together, doing ski seasons, working on yachts, and anything that would keep supporting our love for travel and the outdoors. 

We eventually settled in the beautiful Margaret River wine region, in South West Australia, Wardandi country, with the bush on our doorstep and the ocean down the road. (You’ll usually find my partner with a wine in his hand).

I started practising yoga long before I even knew I wanted to be a mum and eventually got my certification while living in Bali. When I found out I was first pregnant (3 months into the pregnancy), I knew I had to do my prenatal teacher training and COVID lockdown provided the perfect space to grow my baby and gently ease back into study.

The birth of my first truly changed me. I had a euphoric unmedicated hospital birth (hello oxytocin high!!) and soon after decided that I wanted to help other women feel as supported as I did. I want to help you believe in your body's ability to give birth and help you feel that high. I was nourished and held in my postpartum, and now want to pass those loving warm vibes onto other birthing families. I truly believe that keeping healthy and active in body and mind during pregnancy can help labour and postpartum outcomes. This was when my birthing movement was born.

Soon after the birth of my business was the birth of my baby boy. A very quick home birth with only myself and my partner present. I birthed my boy all by myself in 45 minutes with a strong support partner to catch him.

I provide women-centred care and believe that wherever you feel safest to birth your baby is most likely the safest spot for you to birth. I'll help you discover where you feel safest by providing you with evidence-based resources to help you make informed decisions, giving you back to power to birth on your own terms. 

Let's chat! 

I’d love to hear your story and all about your birthing vision over a warm chai…..

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My formal training

Birth and Postnatal Doula

Doula Training Academy 2022

Professional Breastfeeding Course

Amberly Harris 2022

Childbirth as a Rite of Passage

Rachel Reed 2022

Hypnobirthing Supportive Caregivers

Hyponobirthing Australia 2021

Pre and postnatal Yoga Instructor

Bliss Baby Yoga 2020

Ayurveda Nutrition for Pregnancy

Bliss Baby Yoga 2020

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

The Peaceful Warriors 2018