Giving birth is a sacred right of passage.

Birth is a journey that should be filled with love, intention and empowerment. It is a time where you need to be holistically supported and respected as a mother and family. It is a life changing experience which requires education and wisdom to transcend from maiden to mother. To be invited into this sacred space is an honour.

Let me walk this path you, your biggest cheer leader, every step of the way.

- Jenise xx

Connect With Jenise

Birth offerings.

  • Prenatal

    Between 32 and 37 weeks we will meet for two in person sessions to connect, discuss and prepare your birth vision, preferences and postpartum planning. Over this time I will also be available via phone or email for any questions.

  • Birth

    From 38 weeks I will be on-call ready to support your birth with my presence, knowledge and an abundance of tools and techniques. Such as breath guidance, natural pain minimisation, hypnobirthing support, birth affirmations, massage, essential oils, movement, rebozo, playlists and treats! Plus immediate assistance after birth and help with initiating breastfeeding. I will also have a backup Doula on standby for long labours or emergencies.

  • Postpartum

    In the days after your beautiful birth, I will be there to listen and debrief about your experience. While nourishing you and your family with a meal and treats. For extra care, support and ceremony throughout your postpartum, please see my Postpartum Packages*link*.

  • Additional Support

    As your Doula I am here to help you find the information, answers and comfort you need. With access to my comprehensive library and referral to a network of support professionals and services as required. This is your experience, so my package and time can be totally customised to your needs.

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