Ceremony + Celebration.

Birthing new life into the world and the journey of motherhood, is a time for sacred ceremony and celebration. 

A Blessing Ceremony is a gathering of loved ones to honour a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. The intention of this ceremony is to support a mama in gathering strength and confidence for her upcoming labour. Along with the promise of love and support as she unfolds into the journey of mothering her new baby.

An Acknowledgement Ceremony is an intimate practice of honouring and holding the Mama in her postpartum time. As she is physically, emotionally and mentally healing and emerging from the birth vortext.

It is my honour to hold space and ceremony for these beautiful and intrinsic practices. I would love to help you co-create a celebration full of love and meaning.

- Jenise xx

*photo of my own beautiful blessing, held by Doula By Nature

Ceremony Enquiry

Ceremony offerings.

  • Blessing Ceremony

    An alternative to a “baby shower”. A Blessing Ceremony is focused on the mother, as becoming a mother is one of the biggest transitions a women can go through. This bespoke and intimate celebration will involve special rituals and activities to support the Mama and honour this right of passage.

    Ritual ideas - womens circle, mandal creation, cacao, mama pampering, red thread ritual, bead ritual, energy cleansing, belly painting, craft, candle lighting and anything you may feel called to.

    This ceremony can also take place once bub is earth side.

  • Acknowledgment Ceremony

    This sacred ceremony is designed to acknowledge, honour and hold you after the experience of growing and birthing your baby. It is a space to feel nurtured and release emotions, while you receive healing womb and body treatments that are grouding and restorative.

    This ceremony is best practiced between one and six months after birth..

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